Why Groom Your Dog?

Washed Dog

Having your pet regularly groomed ensures they stay fit, healthy and happy. This can help to extend their lifespan and make their life more fulfilled and enjoyable. Even a simple bath and brush will make them more comfortable.

Sirius Grooming offers a number of services covering the complete range of dog grooming treatments, from a quick trim right up to a full show-groom.

A complete groom package will help your pet by:

  • Removing dirt, dander and parasites
  • Promoting healthy coat growth by removing excess dead undercoat
  • Increasing blood flow to the hair follicles leading to improved health
  • Thoroughly checking them for cuts and abrasions
  • Keeping their coat matt free
  • Keeping their eyes, ears and nose clean and healthy
  • Identifying potential health problems that an owner may miss
  • Making home-grooming recommendations – changes to shampoo and cleaning products, etc.
  • Ensuring paws, pads and nails are well looked after

Pet Health

An effective groom can sometimes lead to the identification of undetected medical conditions and animal parasites that might otherwise go unnoticed. These are some of the common types of parasite living on the outside of a dog’s body:

Fleas – cause excessive scratching and, in some cases, allergic skin reactions

Lice – can cause skin irritation and inflammation. May also cause ill-health and anaemia in young and elderly dogs.

Sarcoptic Mange – causes skin irritation and is very contagious to other dogs and humans.

Mites (Cheyletiella) – Causes skin irritation and what looks like a moving dandruff.

There are many other types of parasites that can inhabit a host dog’s body and a full groom can help to identify many of them, saving your pet from unnecessary discomfort.

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At the end of the day there are plenty of health related benefits of dog grooming, but the main ones for you may just revolve around keeping them clean, well turned out and making you happy because they’re happy.

If you live in the Weston-super-Mare area get in touch with us today to book a session and take advantage of everything a grooming treatment has to offer you and your pet.