Charlie The Rescued Golden Retriever

Steph Gamlen, Owner & Head Dog Groomer, Sirius GroomingA sad tale with a happy ending in the salon this week. This poor old chap is Charlie the Golden Retriever, rescued from some pretty terrible conditions in Ireland. His new owners picked him up on the weekend and as you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, he was in quite a rough state. I’ll admit to shedding a tear when I first saw the poor little chap.

Charlie The Rescued Golden RetrieverCharlie The Rescued Golden Retriever

We’re not entirely sure what Charlie’s history was but we do know he was very badly neglected by his previous owners. His coat was very whiffy and in an awful state – it took 5 washes and a huge amount of brushing just to get him looking halfway decent.

Once he’d been dried off, thoroughly de-matted, clipped and brushed through several hundred times, he finally looked presentable. The picture below is the ‘after’ shot and as you can see he looks so much happier.

Charlie After His Groom
Charlie After His Groom

Despite his background, Charlie was a perfect gentleman in the salon. We could forgive a mistreated dog for having a temper or being slightly wary of new surroundings and new people but he was a lovely dog to groom and no trouble at all.

We’re hoping to see Charlie again in a week for a second bath and dry. He’d been with us long enough as it was and while he seemed to enjoy the attention – and finally being clean! – 4 hours in a groomer’s salon is enough for any dog, let alone one on his first day with new owners.

So, the good news is Charlie gets a happily ever after. He’s now gone to live with his new owners and no doubt will receive all the love and affection he deserves. We’ll keep you posted with his progress as we hear.

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