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Roxy The Bulldog’s Groom

Steph Gamlen, Owner & Head Dog Groomer, Sirius GroomingOur second Bulldog in two weeks is 9 month old Roxy. She’s good friends with little Tinkerbell that visited us last week so the two of them have obviously been gossiping with each other.

Roxy shares a similar temperament to that of Tinkerbell and even though this was her first groom she didn’t bat an eye. She loved her bath and wasn’t at all fazed by the noise of the dryer. She sat patiently while her nails were trimmed and seemed to enjoy having her coat furminated.

Grooming Roxy The Bulldog Puppy

Grooming Roxy The Bulldog Puppy

Ideally Bulldogs should visit a groomer every 4-8 weeks so Roxy’s booked in for her next appointment later in the spring.

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