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Tess The Staff Beagle Cross

Steph Gamlen, Owner & Head Dog Groomer, Sirius GroomingTess here is a Staffy / Beagle cross who popped in to the Salon last week. She was a perfect client and loved all the attention. At 10 years old she’s been around for a while so this wasn’t her first time at a salon.

Tess was moulting quite heavily so her coat needed a good brush through to get rid of the dead hair and a nice relaxing tea tree bath. As she’s a short-haired breed there was no need for the scissors to come out.

Tess The Staff Beagle Cross

Tess The Staff Beagle Cros

Whether short or long-haired, if you have a cross-breed dog in the Worle area that needs a little TLC, do drop us a line.

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