Puppy Grooming

Puppy GroomingJust as with children, it’s important to make your pup feel comfortable in new surroundings. By getting your puppy used to the grooming environment – the sounds they will hear, the sensations they’re exposed to – they will become acclimatised and desensitised to the process. As the years go by this, will make them much more settled in a full grooming situation.

We recommend getting them started as early as possible after their vaccinations. Our Puppy Grooming treatment is an ideal way to start them off, and provides an excellent foundation in their grooming regimen that will stand them in good stead in their older years.

A Puppy Grooming treatment is a cut down version of the full Dog Groom and consists of:

  • A gentle soothing bath, not too hot, not too cold
  • A wash with one of our gentle conditioning shampoos
  • A full body massage to get them used to being handled (and because they love it!)
  • A hand dry and blow dry on the lowest, quietest machine setting
  • A careful brush through
  • Cleaned pads and paws
  • Ears and eyes cleaned

Once your little one’s treatment is complete, we’ll carefully wrap them up and return them to you happy, healthy and clean.

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