Weston Super Mare For Dogs

If you’re a dog owner in Weston Super Mare there are plenty of things to do with your pet.

Dog Walking Spots In Weston Super Mare

The beaches on Weston sea Front stretch for miles and dogs love a good run along the sand.

Sand Bay is a wonderful place for dog walkers. The brisk sea air and the wonderful views make it a great place to take your pets for a long walk.

Dog Walking In Weston Super MareThere are lots of parks around Weston Super Mare that are perfect for dog walking: Ashcombe Park, Clarence Park, Ellenborough Park and of course the gardens of Grove Park. They’re all ideal for a spot of dog walking.

Another popular spot amongst locals are The Weston Woods on top of Worlebury Hill. The woods are huge and it can easily take a few hours of wandering before you find yourself looking to turn back for home.

Wherever you take your dog for a walk in Weston Super Mare, make sure you take some bags to clean up after your pets!

Vets In Weston

Weston is full of Vets that can take care of your pet in an emergency. A quick search on Google should turn up the one nearest to you. As Sirius Grooming is based in Worle, our emergency Vet is Wellpets Worle on Ebdon Road.

Pet Hotels In Weston

If you’re in Weston on a short trip there are plenty of hotels that cater to pets, and dogs in particular. Our favourite family hotel is the Braeside Hotel near Weston Seafront.

Dog Boarding Kennels In Weston Super Mare

Weston has a number of great boarding kennels but the one local to us is Collum Farm Kennels. They’re based out in the countryside so any dogs staying there will have a wonderful time.

Organic Dog Food

Believe it or not, one of the UK’s leading Organic Dog Food distributors operates out of Weston Super Mare. Raw2Paw have been selling raw dog food to the UK since 2012. They supply minced meats containing both bone and offal as well as raw bones to many areas of the South West and Midlands. Their products help with a dog’s well-being and aid digestion