Willow The Border Terrier

Steph Gamlen, Owner & Head Dog Groomer, Sirius GroomingWhat a funny little one I had in today. Her name is Willow and she’s a lovely little Border Terrier. Her Mum told me she could be a bit headstrong and really didn’t like having her nails clipped, so I prepared myself for a tricky customer! Turns out I needn’t have worried at all. When Willow’s Mum left I thought we were going to have some whimpering but she just looked around the salon and then started to investigate. Once I had set up for her bath I called her over and she came and stood by me as if she knew she was going to be pampered.

Willow The Terrier Before
Willow The Border Terrier Before

After a relaxing bath I dried her off and she made herself comfortable on the table, following all my instructions exactly. I was waiting for the little madam I had been warned about to appear but so far, nothing! Willow’s Mum asked for a specific cut, so I set about her with the scissors and clippers. While the back needed to be cut tidily, she asked for the front to be left more natural and the legs feathered. You can see how much neater she looks from the before and after pics.

Willow The Terrier After
Willow The Border Terrier After

I had left her nails until last as that sounded like her flash point. I gently lifted up a back foot, took my nail clippers and snip! – off came a nail with no reaction from Willow. I carried on, still mindful that she could get grumpy at any time, but all four paws went without a hitch. As I finished her last nail I just had to give her a big cuddle. She was nothing short of perfect! Her poor Mum couldn’t believe it when I told her she had been so well behaved. “At home she’s a nightmare,” She said. “She only has to see the clippers and she’s gone!” It made me think of my little boy. He sits good as gold for the hairdresser but when I try to give him a little in-between cut you’d think I had him sitting on hot coals. Our kids and pets all like to make us out to be fibbers but we wouldn’t be without them! In the end, Willow thoroughly enjoyed her groom, despite her Mum’s initial reservations. It’s quite usual for dogs to behave differently in a salon environment to how they behave at home – provided they’re given enough time to settle in and made to feel comfortable and relaxed. If your pet is a bit skittish or has been to a large grooming parlour and didn’t enjoy the atmosphere of a busy salon, it might be time to consider a change of pace and look for a smaller independent salon. Because our client base is smaller, we have the time to cultivate a 1-2-1 relationship with you and your precious pet. As for little Willow, I’m looking forward to seeing my new friend back in the salon in 12 weeks time for another tidy and a sneaky cuddle ;)