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Zoey The Toy Terrier

Steph Gamlen, Owner & Head Dog Groomer, Sirius GroomingToday in the salon we said hello to cute little Zoey here, an adorable Toy Terrier who needed a good pamper session. She was an absolute dream to groom. She sat still perfectly while she was brushed and clipped, wagged her tail in the bath and was a picture of perfect behaviour when it came time for the scissors to come out. All in all she was the perfect client.

Zoey’s owner asked for a specific shape and cut, so that’s what we did. We left her hair reasonably long, especially around the ears, to give her the Baby Spice look. Hopefully you’ll agree she looks delightful :)

Zoey The Toy Terrier

Zoey The Toy Terrier

Long haired dogs like little Zoey need a lot of regular attention if their coat is to stay in good condition. Regular daily brushing to make sure the matts stay away and lots of walking to ensure her claws get a natural pedicure. Zoey’s coat was in good shape so she obviously gets well looked after.

In the end she looked a vision of Toy Terrier beauty and we’re looking forward to seeing her again soon.

If you have a tiny Terrier like Zoey and want a groomer who adheres to your styling requirements, give us a call!








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